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Toys for 11 Year Olds and Up

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Toys for 11 Year Olds Buying Guide

Toys for Eleven Year Olds

As your child transitions to adolescence, he'll start to define his own interests, personality and talents. He's learning social skills, forming deeper friendships and questioning rules at school and at home.

Does your eleven-year-old like science, magic, fantasy, history, crafts or comedy? When shopping for toys consider his specific interests and choose games and kits that build on them!

Growing Developments

  • Your child is concerned with friends, social relationships and appearance
  • He may be self-conscious and critical of others
  • He desires independence and begins questioning authority
  • He can plan social and recreational activities
  • He is beginning to plan what he'll do as an adult, but is unclear of the process and practicality of achieving his goals

Guide to Toys

  • Look for activities that would foster social interaction with other children
  • Select challenging science activities that will be fun and supplement his formal education
  • Look for open-ended art activities
  • Introduce fun skill building toys like drawing books or sports equipment which serve a purpose outside of play

Top Toys for 11 Year Old Boys

Toys with High Play Value

  • Social games including Trivia Games and Board Games
  • Fashion, drawing and design activities
  • Advanced Science Kits for Kids

Top Brands for Ages Eleven and Up

  • Smart Lab Activity and Science Kits
  • Klutz Books
  • Franklin Sports
  • Buffalo Games
  • Yomega Yo-Yos
  • Fashion Angels Art Activities

Choosing Toys for 11 Year Old Girls and Boys

Gender stereotypes shouldn't control your choices when it comes to buying toys! Children can benefit from a variety of logical toys, creative toys and active toys. We know that sometimes when you're shopping for a child you might not know his or her interests and that's when it can helps to sort toys by gender.

Popular toys for 11 year old boys include advanced science kits in fields like chemistry and physics. Active sports toys, advanced drawing books, magic kits and board games are other popular options. Many 11 year old girls enjoy design. Fashion kits, drawing books and painting kits are popular for this age group. And for girls that are interested in beauty products, there are plenty of unique chemistry kits that let kids make their own spa products!

You can view our best selling toys for girls or boys by selecting the gender and “most popular” from the drop down menu on the green bar in the center of the page.

Top Toys for 11 Year Girls

Ways to Play

You've probably noticed that your child has needed you less and less during play in the last few years. By age eleven, he is fully able to entertain himself and work on activities with a minimal amount of assistance. He is probably spending more time playing with friends than hanging out with family members. Don't worry! It doesn't mean you'll never play together again. It just means you'll be playing differently.

Now the two of you are on equal footing when it comes to play. Instead of chasing him around the yard or feeding him new storylines for his pretend play, you can play advanced board games that require strategy and planning, like Settlers of Catan, Risk or Chess. And don't be surprised when he starts to win!

When you're looking for ways to spend time with an increasingly independent child, consider his interests or take up a new hobby together. Consider things like pottery classes, camping or cycling. Try writing and filming a silly movie together and let him take the lead with its direction. Having shared interests will help the two of you stay connected through the tumultuous years on the horizon.

Play together once or twice a week, but remember that your child needs to do things without you in order to grow. The most important thing you can do is be available when he needs someone to listen. You're still the most important person in his life, even when he acts like you're the least cool thing on the planet.