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Toys for 9 and 10 Year Olds

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Toys for 9 Year Olds and 10 Year Olds Buying Guide

Toys for Nine and Ten Year Olds

Your child is forming meaningful friendships, with members of the same sex. She is energetic and enjoys elaborate pretend play, outdoor games and conversations with her friends.

The universe is becoming a bigger place as she learns more about astronomy, other cultures, plants and animals in school. She constructs involved day dreams about her future and is capable of thoughtful conversation with both and children and adults.

As she moves toward early adolescence, her desire for independence will increase, although she craves the praise and acceptance of her parents and other adults. Give her lots of opportunities to do things on her own, but be ready to help out if a project becomes too frustrating or difficult.

Ages 9 and 10 Years Old

Growing Developments

  • She is very active with lots of energy
  • Her interests are rapidly changing and are influenced by her peers
  • She is easily motivated and eager to try new things
  • She knows the difference between right and wrong
  • She organizes her own games and plays out elaborate pretend scenarios with her friends
  • She is sensitive to criticism and doesn't accept failure well

Guide to Toys

  • Look for activities that encourage physical activities like running and playing sports
  • Help her live history through pretend play with historical play figures
  • Look for craft and science kits that are related to your child's interests
  • Introduce toys that are great for social activities, like making friendship bracelets, musical instruments and team sports are entertaining when she is playing with friends

Top Toys for 9 and 10 Year Old Girls

Best Play Value Toys for Ages Nine and Ten

  • Puzzles and Brain Teasers
  • Chemistry
  • Fashion Design Kits
  • Microscopes for Kids
  • Bead Kits and Jewelry Kits
  • Sports Toys

Top Brands for Ages Nine and Ten

  • Klutz Books
  • Dunecraft terrariums and activities
  • Alex Crafts Kits
  • Gamewright Games
  • Erector Set
  • LEGO┬« Toys
  • Mindware
  • Thames and Kosmos Science Toys

Choosing Toys for 9 and 10 Year Old Girls and Boys

Gender stereotypes shouldn't hold kids back, especially when it comes to play! Kids benefit from a variety of learning toys. But if you're shopping for a child whose interests are unknown, it helps to sort by gender as a starting point.

Popular toys for 9 and 10 year old boys include advanced science kits, especially thing that explode! Nine and ten year old boys may also enjoy strategy games and brain teasers. Many 9 and 10 year old girls enjoy design and fashion design kits are popular for this age group. There are also many educational science kits that mix beauty products and science for a fun and super girly combination.

You can view our best selling toys for girls or boys by selecting the gender and "most popular" from the drop down menu on the green bar in the center of the page.

Top Toys for 9 and 10 Year Old Boys

Ways to Play

Increasingly independent, your child will be spending more time alone with friends. It's important to give them space to interact and sort out any arguments without interference (unless you think things are getting too serious.) When she's with friends they'll usually be absorbed into their own world of chatter and play, but you can occasionally provide them with structured activities like craft kits or board games.

When it's just you and your child playing, she'll enjoy talking and asking you questions, practicing sports activities and cooking. Pursue her interests together and you could both learn something! You might like to embark on a new hobby or craft together such as knitting, gardening or making robots.

She still needs lots of encouragement and may become easily frustrated with school work or projects. Let her know that nobody's perfect and that she'll learn with patience and practice. Share some examples of things that were difficult for you, before you practiced and improved your skills.