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Create a splash at bath time with our unique assortment of Bath Toys! When kids have squirting toys, bath activities and play sets to keep engaged, getting clean becomes another opportunity for fun! We offer a wide assortment of the best bath toys for young ones and toddlers, so we are sure you will find something that will entertain your children to make cleaning a more enjoyable time in your little one's day! Kids will learn and play all day and every way with these great bath toys!

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Bath Toys Buying Guide

Kids are kids - they can (and should) have fun as much as possible. Whether bathtime is a pleasant time or a dreaded task, it can be more rewarding and fun with the help of bath toys!

Features to Consider

One of the most important features to consider with toys for the tub are their safety. While all of our bath toys are intended for use in the water, they are not intended for all ages. Some of them do have smaller pieces or are for older children, so make sure that those toys in the tub are age appropriate. See our "Ideas by Age Group" below for the best suggestions by age.

Some toys do require a degree of cleanup, such as cleaning off the walls of the tub after use. But this is a great opportunity to teach your child about cleaning up after play, after cleaning up in the tub! It is also essential to check the toys for water build-up and/or mildew. Regularly clean the toys with a simple solution of water and vinegar or water and salt. Some toys are fine for the top rack of the dishwasher. Use a safe detergent and be sure to check the toy for water left behind. If cleaning the toy does not seem to be enough, play it safe and replace it.

Some Age Group Suggestions

There are not as many unique options for bath toys as there are for educational toys in general, but you should still consider your child and his or her interests and skill level. Additionally, all toys listed can continue to be enjoyed beyond the preschool/younger school age - they can move to pool use, or the can remain in the bath for others. In fact, a recent reviewer on our site noted that her husband uses one of our toy bath mirrors for shaving!

Bath Toys for BabiesUp to 2 years
  • Bath Mitts or soft animals
  • Soft Squirters
  • Corolle Tidoo Dolls
  • Floating toys
  • Sorting toys
2 years and up
  • Paint and art-based toys
  • Musical toys
  • Foam letters and other foam, floating toys

Where Will They Use It? (Play Environment)

Well of course, the main place that these toys would be utilized is in the bathtub! But some of these water-tight toys may find a place in other wet environments as well. Make a trip to the lake or the beach a bit more fun! Just be sure that without the confines of a tub, that the toys don't float too far away!

Ways for Adults to Play/Adult Involvement

It goes without saying that adult supervision is a crucial element of bath time and is essential for a child's safety. While distractions of daily life may prevent solid periods of play with children, the daily bathtime routine provides a wonderful opportunity for both parent and child to spend some simple, “unplugged,” and focused time together.

Developmental Benefits

Physical Benefits
A level of physical skill is needed for playing successfully in the water. A child of any age will benefit from this “multi-tasking” - having part of the body immersed in the water with another part out, as well as toys that can float or act differently when partly submerged in water.

Bath Toys for KidsSpatial Benefits
Another element about bath toys that really sticks out - the variety of color and the skills it takes to play with them! Coloring the bathtub walls or exploring the details of the toy itself help fuel a child's imagination. Other actions like pouring and propulsion take advantage of the water to teach children about different concepts and allow them to explore.

Intrapersonal or Interpersonal Benefits
While parent or other adult supervision may be present (and can be part of the play), the opportunity for the child to play independently is available. On the other hand, when bathtime includes more than one child, cooperation is essential!

Types of Play

Quiet Play or Active Play
Here, how your child plays in the tub is probably up to your child. Nonetheless, the tub is an intriguing location for playtime. A normally “quiet” child may take the opportunity to speak up in this secluded environment, while a more “active” child may do the opposite. Either way, bath time can be more focused and quiet, or kids can really kick and splash and make a wet mess!

Creative Play
The bathtub may seem like an unlikely "canvas," but many bath toys are geared towards your child's creative side. What other place can cleanup be such a breeze? Although, make sure your child understands that any art created in the tub is temporary, and that clean up can be part of the creative fun.

Manipulative Play
Hand-eye coordination and motor skills star in the tub, adding the unique aspect of being in the water to the inherent desire to play.