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Kids Furniture Buying Guide

Fun and functional kids furniture makes kids feel special. Little tables, little chairs, little desks—in a world where everything is big, these little touches tell kids that they’re not overlooked. Our children’s furniture department contains lots of creative and kooky furniture that kids will love!

Play tents, easels, play houses, rocking toys and play kitchens are some examples of furniture items that become a direct part of play. These pieces are more like toys than furniture, and consequently, they are typically more exciting to receive than a toy box or writing desk.

There are lots of functional options as well, like children’s tables, bookshelves, toy boxes and chairs, which can fit into any type of home décor!

Features to Consider

  • Check out the materials! Real wood is good for durability and a must for outdoor furniture. MDF and other types of composite woods keep the furniture lighter in weight and in price, which can be just as important.
  • Look for toy boxes that are finger friendly. Features like slow-release hinges and front cutouts keep kids from accidentally catching their fingers.
  • When storage furniture is fun and easy to use, kids will be more likely to clean-up. Well, that’s the plan anyway!
  • Play tents are meant for imagination and backyard sleep-outs in nice weather, not so much for camping in the woods.
  • Play tables elevate the fun, art, and games and keep toys from taking over an entire room. Look for play tables and train tables with drawers to keep toys organized when the fun is done.
  • Umbrellas in patio sets should feature UV protective coating to keep out those harmful rays!
Toddler Furniture

Some Age Group Suggestions

1 to 2 Year Olds
  • Soft seating with several moveable components will help little ones learn to stand and manipulate their environment
  • Safe, low-to-the ground rocking toys help kids learn to balance and propel themselves with their core muscles
  • Toddler beds make for sweet dreams and are safer than big kid beds—not as far to fall out!
3 to 7 Year Olds
  • Step-up storage stools help kids reach the sink or the shelf while storing their favorite toys.
  • Table and chair sets give kids a place to work and eat with friends and siblings.
  • Storage units for dress up clothes are really neat! You can stock them with all sorts of fun costume jewelry, hats, clothes, wigs and accessories and quickly become the most fun house on the block—all while staying organized!
  • Play kitchens take the experience of play food to the next level.
  • Easels and art tables make painting even more fun!
  • Play tents provide kids with their own private space for hiding out and dreaming!
  • Colorful toy boxes keep kids in the habit of cleaning up after playtime, and with great themes, they can be an imaginative addition to any bedroom.
8 Years Old and Up
  • Older kids like lots of funky room décor. Look for unique and interesting items to personalize their bedroom!
  • Just because kids are getting a little older, doesn't mean that it is time for the adult furniture - keep looking for age appropriate items. This might be the perfect time for a room makeover - get rid of the young child feel and get ready for the upcoming pre-teen years!
Kids Furniture

Adult Involvement

Be aware that kids’ furniture may require adult assembly upon arrival. This note is typically marked on each product page.

Top Developmental Benefits

Some kids furniture offers physical play benefits. Toys like rocking horses and rocking chairs give kids some physical play and develops important skills. Kid-sized chairs, which are typically used by older children, can work for young toddlers as they practice pulling themselves into a standing position.

Furniture defines a child's domestic environment and allows them to be creative about what surrounds them. When kids have tables and chairs, sofas, and other items that match their small statures and styles, they’ll be able to better relate to their home environment.

A special seat designed just for kids is a nice place to sit and think. Kids love things that are scaled just for them, because it proves that the world hasn’t forgotten them or their needs. No matter a child's size, there’s a special place for him or her to spend time reading, coloring, or daydreaming.

When kids gather around a table to craft, eat or talk, they enter into their own little world together. Socializing at a kid-sized table helps slow everyone down and gets them communicating with one another as they play.

Types of Play

Creative Play
Art tables and art easels provide kids with a helpful and organized workspace for their creative pursuits!

Dramatic Play
Play tents, play kitchens, and rocking toys are excellent sources of dramatic play! Play tents and play houses provide kids with a space that’s all their own. Set them up indoors or out for pretend play fun! Play kitchens are another great choice for realistic pretend play that encourages kids to eat healthy and flex those imaginations.