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Musical Toys

Whether a child is ready to compose the next #1 hit or simply make a lot of noise, we feature a wonderful array of the best Musical Toys to fuel creative inspiration. Musical Toys bring great joy and creativity to kids' lives, whether they are young and amazed at all the noises they create with these toys, or they are older and are looking for more of a musical challenge to become the best! Either way, we hope your ears are ready!

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Musical Toys Buying Guide

When music, rhythm, and dance are incorporated into play, everybody has fun! Musical play helps kids learn through repetition, song and movement. As a category, musical toys encompass children’s instruments, toys that play music and toy instruments.

Children’s instruments can be used as beginners’ versions of the real thing, like guitars, pianos or banjos. These are real instruments, but just kid-sized! Toys that play music can take a on variety of forms, from musical baby toys to toddler activity sets that play music or encourage song. Toy instruments are pretend play versions that just look or function like the real thing, like a toy saxophone with plastic buttons or a guitar that lights up.

Features to Consider

If you’re shopping for musical play toys - or toys in general that make sounds - you should consider the volume of that item. Will the toy likely drive adults crazy with its bongs and bips? Many musical toys feature volume controls, which can save parents some stress. Also think about where the musical toy is likely to be used. Loud toys may be bad for apartment buildings and close living quarters or when you are traveling in tight quarters.

The real musical instruments on our website are great for exploring and getting a feel for new instruments. However, for an older child who has expressed a serious interest in learning guitar, drums, accordion or whatever instrument he desires, we suggest a higher quality model than what we or other toy stores carry. Why not check out a music website or your local music store!

Musical Toys for Girls

Some Age Group Suggestions

Birth to 12 Months
  • Plush toys that make music
  • Teething toys that make music
  • Rattles and shakers
1 to 3 Year Olds
  • Pretend play musical instruments make fun sounds that mimic the real thing
  • Musical play tables and interactive musical play stations let toddlers explore
  • Light and sound walkers and interactive toys that play music
  • Musical tub toys
4 to 8 Year Olds
  • Real beginner instruments like guitars, pianos, keyboards and folk instruments
  • Microphone toys
  • Real wind instruments like harmonicas, recorders, pan flutes and penny flutes

Top Developmental Benefits

Logical Benefits
Young children learn about cause and effect as they press buttons and hear sounds. When children begin to play instruments, they learn about structuring songs, playing chords, and where the notes fit into scales. Music and mathematics become intertwined, and musical students are known to score better on math assessments than their non-musical peers.

Musical Toys for Boys Musical Benefits
Does musical play yield musical benefits? Of course - we shouldn't have to tell you that! When kids experience sounds and rhythm through play, they enjoy learning! And making music, whether with instruments or toys, encourages creativity and freedom while developing self expression in a healthy and positive way.

Intrapersonal Benefits
Musical toys help kids build confidence and focus. Children can work out emotions by banging on a drum or creating a tune on a toy piano. Time spent alone creating sounds and songs can open up new worlds for children.

Types of Play

Creative Play
When left to explore musical toys on their own, children will find an opportunity for open-ended, creative play! Composing and creating music is a wonderful creative exercise, allowing kids to push their limits, explore their imagination, and develop skills that continue to lead to even more creative expression.

Manipulative Play
Practicing with a toy instrument is wonderfully manipulative. Kids develop fine motor skills and coordination as they pluck the strings on a guitar and tap out rhythms on a drum. Early learning musical toys encourage kids to press buttons and make sounds, while baby and toddler toys develop gross and fine motor skills.