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Active kids need toys that can keep up with them - which is why our Ride On Toys are the perfect toys for the outdoor-minded child! Kids love the freedom of riding around, and with our Ride On Toys for kids, they will love the chance to explore their surroundings in a new, exhilarating way. Not only will kids love the action-packed fun of cruising around the house or the neighborhood with these active toys, but they will form instant memories that last a lifetime of great play! Get on board with our great selection of Ride On Toys!

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Ride On Toys Buying Guide

Kids need an outlet for their often unfathomable stores of energy! Tricycles, bicycles, scooters and foot to floor ride on toys all build muscle, develop coordination, and keep kids fit.

From the very earliest time, ride-on toys are preparing kids for that magical moment when they’ll look back and realize that no one is holding onto the bicycle seat as the pedal down the street for the first time! Ride-on toys build confidence and a sense of independence.

We’re happy to have tons of the coolest and most versatile ride-ons available to you for the kids you love! There is a lot to consider because kids grow out of ride-on toys fairly quickly and they take up a fair bit of space.

Features to Consider

  • Where will your child be riding? There are ride-on toys for indoors and there are ride-on toys for outdoors. Indoor toys should have skid resistant tires so that they don’t scuff floors. Foot-to-floor ride on toys make excellent indoor vehicles for toddlers and preschoolers. Outdoor toys should be sturdier.
  • Metal frames are sturdier than plastic or wooden frames, but they also tend to be more costly. When investing in ride-on toys, consider how many years your child will be using the toy and whether or not any younger siblings will be growing into it. Some ride-on toys come with a manufacturer’s warranty, which will be indicated on our product pages.
  • With many toys, it’s alright to make your own decisions about the recommended ages based on your child’s interests and development. But with riding toys, it’s important to follow the ages recommended by the manufacturer. Riding toys that are too large or difficult for children will be frustrating and potentially dangerous.
  • Dimensions and weights are typically listed on our product pages. Some ride on toys have adjustable seats. Make sure that the toy isn’t too tall or too short for your child and that their legs can reach the pedals.
  • If there aren't sidewalks near your home, you’ll need to consider how portable the ride on toy will be to travel to where children can use the toy. Check the weight and make sure that the size of the vehicle will allow it to fit in your car, if you need to drive to a park. Some toys can be folded or taken apart easily to make it easier to travel with them, as well.
Ride On Toys for Girls

Some Age Group Suggestions

18 months to 3 years old
  • Three-wheeled and four-wheeled toys
  • Wagons
  • Push cars and foot-to-floor ride on toys
  • Rocking horses and rocking toys
4 to 6 year olds
  • Three-wheeled toys
  • Scooters with wide wheels or three wheels
  • Bicycles with training wheels
7 year olds and up
  • Scooters
  • Pedal Cars
  • Real bicycles!

Where Will They Use It? (Play Environment)

Some ride on toys can be used indoors because they run on non-skid rubber wheels or rocking casters. However, most ride-on toys are meant exclusively for outdoor use. Consider the availability of parks, safe sidewalks and driveway space when looking for outdoor riding toys. But don’t forget that a simple family outing down the street might be all you need to give your kids the safe free space they require!

Ride On Toys for Boys

Top Developmental Benefits

Physical Benefits
Ride on toys offer so many physical benefits, and they are great fun! Kids learn coordination and balance as they build muscles and get lots of healthy exercise. Even rocking toys have great physical benefits as kids propel themselves using their core muscles! These toys work on children's gross motor skills and help them develop a love for exercise.

Intrapersonal Benefits
The freedom of pedaling your tricycle down the block or scooter-ing down to the corner store encourages independence! Although ride on toys can be great for participating in interpersonal activities like a bike ride with friends, the real developmental benefits are all about those hours spent riding alone and testing the limits of your stamina. And, kids can go out and play with these toys without friends whenever they feel like it.

Types of Play

Active Play
The active play benefits of ride on toys should be clear as a bike bell! Pedaling, steering, scooting, rocking, racing — all of these things build endurance, and muscles! By their very nature, ride on toys encourage active play and will help kids burn off energy and have fun while doing it.