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Science Kits and Toys

The curious minds of scientists form at an early age, which is why Growing Tree Toys offers a large variety of Science Kits and Toys covering a myriad of topics! In addition to offering exciting Science Kits for kids of all ages, we provide those scientific minds such wonderful Science Toys like toy dinosaurs, astronomy toys, and microscopes for kids. Simple or complex, our Science Kits and Toys for kids are the very best! Check out our wonderful science selection from such brands as Scientific Explorer, Thames & Kosmos, Snap Circuits, and ScienceWiz!

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Science Kits and Toys Buying Guide

How could anything be more exciting than mixing up mysterious liquids in your childhood laboratory, building a top secret robot in the dead of night or studying suspicious insects under a microscope? Kids love science kits, and exploring all of the world that they open up for them! There is so much to learn, create and discover!

Today, there are more options than ever when it comes to science kits. From serious activities with a big educational impact, to ultra cool kits that are made to amaze and everything in between, we can help you get shopping for the right kit down to a science!

Features to Consider

Level of Adult Involvement
Young science kits as well as more advanced set-ups may require adult assistance. Detailed information is provided on each product page with more extensive details about the toy or kit to help adults understand the difficulty. Additionally, you should watch for items like chemicals and be sure to always use protective equipment such as goggles and gloves.

Field of Study
From chemistry and physics to dinosaurs and the solar system, you have the option of choosing from a wide variety of science kits and toys. Broaden kids’ horizons by focusing on a new field of science, or further develop their love for a field they have already studied!

Coordination with Formal Education
Science is as broad as it can be when it comes to school. Perhaps you want to supplement what is learned in class by doing experiments at home. On the other hand, it is also practical to provide additional opportunities that the school may not have. Quality science kits help bring the fun and discovery of science and experimenting outside the classroom! Science Toys for Boys

Some Age Group Suggestions

Early Learning - around 3 to 6 years old
  • Complete science kits geared towards little ones, featuring simple directions and safe accessories
  • Bug and insect kits
  • Puzzles and other toys with a science theme
7 to 9 years old
  • Robotics kits
  • Magnetic kits
  • Chemistry, Physics, other science kits that are tied to a specific scientific field!
10 years old and up
  • More open-ended kits - may feature directions, but also provide kids the chance for open-ended play
  • Kits and toys with more difficult experiments and that focus on more advanced scientific concepts

Play Environment

When shopping for science kits, consider how much space will be available for completing the project and where you anticipate kids will work on their projects. Will kids need to work in a more open area? Will someone need to cover a table or set up a work table? Or, even more important, supervise the experiments? Does the kit include everything you need or are some of the materials necessary from around your home?

Science Kits for Kids

Top Developmental Benefits

Verbal Benefits
To understand the concepts and directions in most of our science kits, kids will need to do some reading and processing of information. Although science kits are great for hands-on learning, they also help kids to illustrate the concepts that they learn through reading or listening. While communication is not typically necessary, unless the experiment is being worked on by two people, understanding the directions, lessons, and details of the kit is very important.

Logical Benefits
Successful completion of a science experiment depends on following the right steps in the right order. To see the intended result of an experiment, kids learn to follow proper sequencing and learn about cause effect along the way! And, many projects within a kit may count on building on the work and knowledge of previous experiments, so this "learning" definitely helps kids get more out of their kits.

Intrapersonal Benefits
Self-confidence, curiosity and independent thinking are some of the intrapersonal benefits that come from kids making your own scientific discoveries! Science kits are wonderful intrapersonal activities with all the benefits of solitary play!

Types of Play

Manipulative Play
The manipulative play offered by science kits is beneficial practice for kids who have nearly perfected their fine motor control. Kids will get to perform exacting operations as they work through our fun science kits, which will also help them build patience and control as they work.