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Events at Growing Tree Toys

We know that kids love to come to Growing Tree Toys to see and play with all of the wonderful toys, but they especially love to visit us when we have a fun, in store activity or event. Our wide variety of activities offer kids a chance to show off their creativity, while making cool, imaginative projects to take home or give as gifts. From our much-anticipated summer Kidtivities™ to Children's Day at Arts Festival, we offer children fun crafts and activities that lead to some amazing creations. Best of all, we provide the necessary staff and supplies, so parents can sit back and enjoy watching their creative geniuses get to work!

Upcoming Events at Growing Tree Toys

Presenting -- Our 2015 Summer Kidtivities™!


Get out your calendar and pick your kids' favorite activities! Scroll to the bottom to see full descriptions of each. Spots will fill up quickly for these FUN activities. Stop by (202 S. Allen Street) or call to register and reserve your space: 814-237-3655.

Activity Day & Date     Times        Charge   Age Groups
Fabulous Stepping Stones Tues., June 16 11am - 2pm $5 For All Ages
Pom Pom Pictures Thurs., June 18 11am, 12pm, & 1pm     $3 Ages 3 and up
Welcome to Our Science Lab! Tues., June 23 11am & 1pm $4 Ages 6 and up
Welcome to Our Science Lab! Thurs., June 25 11am & 1pm $4 Ages 6 and up
Butterfly Home Improvement Tues., June 30 11am, 12pm, & 1pm $5 Ages 5 and up
Paint-n-Fly Glider Thurs., July 2 11am & 1pm $5 Ages 5 and up
Come by on Children's Day (Wed., July 8) of the Central PA Festival of the Arts (Arts Fest)!
Paint-n-Fly Glider Tues., July 14 11am & 1pm $5 Ages 5 and up
Amazing Aquabeads! Thurs., July 16 11am, 12pm & 1pm $3 Ages 6 and up
Volcano Alert: Eruption Today! Tues., July 21 11am & 1pm $5 Ages 7 and up
Volcano Alert: Eruption Today! Thurs., July 23 11am & 1pm $5 Ages 7 and up
DIY Paracord Bracelets Tues., July 28 11am & 1pm $5 Ages 7 and up
DIY Paracord Bracelets Thurs., July 30 11am & 1pm $5 Ages 7 and up
Design, Paint, ZOOM! Tues., August 4 11am, 12pm, & 1pm $4 Ages 5 and up
For your Grandparents: Create a Master-plate! Thurs., August 6 11am, 12pm & 1pm $7 All Ages

Kidtivities™ - Class Descriptions

Fabulous Stepping Stones!
Squish, squeeze and smush the stone mixture, then pour and get ready for the creative part. Add a handprint, a name and lots of colorful stones, all in your very own style. Take home a treasure to share or keep!

Pom Pom Pictures
What could be better? Hundreds of colorful pom poms with sticky backs, cute pictures to design, and a take home project worthy of the fridge! A perfect activity for our younger crafters.

Welcome to our Science Lab!
Make snow in the summer, make gel from water, share energy, blast rockets, make bubbles and have glider races... need we say more? Science at its best this summer.

Butterfly Home Improvement
Each summer the butterflies reward us with their magical metamorphosis. Give them a beautifully painted place to rest! Plan a design, paint it, and put the newest home improvement project to good use in the garden!

Paint-n-Fly Glider
This is so much fun! Paint a foam glider - make it cool - then fly them again and again. Paint can be soaked, peeled and glider painted again too!

Amazing Aquabeads!
Design something original or follow the template, either way it is fun to work with the colorful beads. Then... when your design is complete... presto... add water and the beads magically meld together. A new work of art!

Volcano Alert: Eruption Today!
This is one of our most popular activities. Use fast drying plaster to make your volcano, paint it to look "real," then the fun begins. Erupt it! Art and science equals a good time to be had by all.

DIY Paracord Bracelets
This craze won't end! Learn the technique to braiding with paracord and make your own hip wristbands. Once you get the pattern, the sky's the limit on creativity. Make two wristbands during the class from assorted color paracord.

Design, Paint and Zzzzoooom!
Race cars are always the best designed cars on the road. Make your own cool car with paints and decals, then let dry - and race - these cars are fast!

Create a Master-plate! For your Grandparents
Imagine seeing your art work every day at dinner. Or give your grandparents a really special, made-by-you gift. Using paper templates, everyone will draw their own picture (it helps to think ahead on this one.) The templates are sent away to be transformed into a dish-washer safe keepsake. Remember: Grandparents day is Sept 13, 2015.

Also, visit our Facebook page of events for more information on all of these fun projects!