Creativity for Kids Sunflower Garden


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Save the Bees! Plant your sunflower seeds and watch them Grow, Grow, Grow! While you are waiting for your seeds to sprout, you can create your own sunflower story book to record your gardening adventures.

Your kit includes “Sun Spot” Sunflower seeds, a gardening pot, potting mix and a hardcover mini book. Use the included markers and stickers to write and illustrate a personalized sunflower story.

Great for pollinators, Sunflowers are among the most beneficial seeds for children to plant.  Harvested seeds can be eaten, shared with your animal friends or saved to plant more  even more sunflowers.

Combining fun and learning,  the Sunflower Story Garden is a great STEAM experience for  boys, girls and gardeners of all ages.  Complete planting  instructions are included.

Ages: 6+

Contents Include: plastic flower pot with saucer, potting mix, mini book, sticker sheet, mini markers, instructions, sunspot sunflower seeds