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Transform airy, fluffy clay into a world of squishy, scented, textured fun with the Mixy Squish Scented Sweet Shoppe! With 4.5 oz. of pre-made, pre-textured Mixy Squish colors — with super-sweet scents and tons of crunchy add-ins — plus 14 sculpting tools and a sweet treat mold, creative sensory fun takes on a whole new meaning! Bring out the magic in your Mixy Squish by kneading it with your hands for a minute or two — softening the clay makes it easier to use! Then, jump right in and start creating! Follow the fully-illustrated instruction booklet to learn how to use your sculpting tools and molds to make the sweetest details and treats — from ice cream cones to s’mores, macarons, cupcakes, lollipops, and slices of cake. Or, roll and press your Mixy Squish into super squishy shapes of your own! After making your magical creations, let the air-dried squishiness take the lead — no baking necessary. Your creations will be completely dry in 24-48 hours — but they’ll stay soft and spongy! Feel like adding more details after your creation dries? Use markers or paint to decorate, or add more clay on top for layers of fun! The Mixy Squish Scented Sweet Shoppe is perfect for little sculptors ages 3 and up.

Mixy Squish Scented Sweet Shoppe Art & Craft Kit (14 Pieces):

  • Open up your own Mixy Squish Scented Sweet Shoppe with 9 sweet-smelling clays in tons of different colors and textures!
  • Press the Mixy Squish into the mold tray to transform them into an ice cream cone, cupcake, or donut! Then, use the sculpting tools to add sweet little details like sprinkles, smiles, or zig-zags!
  • Mixy Squish sticks to itself, not your hands - that means endless sensory fun, with the easiest clean-up!
  • Follow the fully illustrated instruction booklet to learn how to make soft and squishy creations shaped just like your favorite desserts!
  • Every sweet treat you whip up will dry after 24-48 hours - without cracks or crumbles, just soft and spongy fun! Keep your clays in the reusable storage containers provided so they stay magical!
  • Mixy Squish air-dry clay is gluten-free, non-toxic, and made with high-quality ingredients that are safe for everyone!
  • Set Includes: 2 Scented Clays With Iridescent Stars (1 Blue Blueberry With Purple Stars, 1 White Cotton Candy With Iridescent Stars) 0.5 oz. Each, 1 Scented Clay with Hexagon Glitter (Purple Grape) 0.5 oz., 1 Scented Clay With Red Glitter (Orange) 0.5 oz., 2 Scented Clays With Sprinkles (Yellow Coconut, Pink Cherry) 0.5 oz. Each, 1 Scented Marbled Clay (Red & Hot Pink Strawberry) 0.5 oz., 1 Scented Clay With Silver Holographic Glitter (Brown Chocolate), 1 Scented Clay With Gemstone Glitter (Teal Apple), 1 Sweet Treat Mold Tray (9 in. x 0.75 in. x 6 in.), Easy-to-Follow Instructions