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The bear! From the adorable vegetarian panda to the massive Kodiak, your bear park - your Barenpark -has to accommodate them all! Yes, even koalas. Yes, we know they're not bears - but they're adorable!

Barenpark is a board game about arranging tetris-shaped tiles in your park - balancing your enclosures with your playgrounds and toilets. Making sure you have the right amount of space left for your bears and bear statues is a constant challenge as you seek to cover up the right spaces that will let you grab the next best enclosure of polar bears - while filling up your space as perfectly as possible for extra points.

  • Buy Barenpark for a light, accessible game of tile-laying, shape-placing, and BEARS!
  • Players 2-4
  • Play Time 45 minutes
  • Ages 8+