Franklin Sports Popcorn Parachute

Franklin Sports Inc

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Check out this HUGE 10ft parachute! Game sheet included to show a few ways to play… try one out or create a game of your own! The 10ft Franklin Sports Popcorn Parachute is perfect for backyard events like birthdays, cookouts, community events, and more! The parachute features vibrant colors and handles along the edges to allow children to easily grip and play along. The game sheet includes FIVE ways to play, but don't stop there! With a popcorn parachute, the possibilities are endless! HUGE 10ft SIZE! The Franklin Sports Popcorn Parachute is the perfect 10ft size for your little ones! 8 HANDLES INCLUDED! The parachute features 8 handles around the perimeter to allow children to easily grip and play along with friends and family! STIMULATE CREATIVITY AND GAMEPLAY with the game sheet included, or make up your own parachute games and have some fun with it! TEAMWORK AND GROUP PLAY is a enhanced for all kids involved. Get excited to interact with others while enjoying a favorite backyard game!