ThinkFun My First Rush Hour


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For over 20 years, Rush Hour has been ThinkFun’s topselling logic game. Now, children as young as 3 years old can begin to experience the joy of problem-solving that Rush Hour has brought to millions. My First Rush Hour is designed to be a fun game that reinforces age-appropriate lessons such as matching and identifying basic shapes and colors while also o ering a gentle introduction to the concept of logical deduction. Challenges progress from straight-forward matching to more advanced challenges that require simple problem-solving. Large challenge cards are placed underneath a transparent game grid and then, using the clues provided, players attempt to match the vehicles to their proper positions. Larger, chunky vehicles and a bigger grid are perfect for little hands. Once all the cars and trucks are in the right place, players WIN by driving the Red Hero Car through the maze of tra c, down an exit ramp, and out of the puzzle! Developing minds will experience the wonder of their rst A-Ha! moment and have fun along the way!