Cut Flowers Mix Seed Stones

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Seed stones can grow just about anywhere! The clay "stone protects the seeds from birds, insects, and animals. Once it gets wet, the clay will absorb and hold onto the water to allow the seeds within to sprout and thrive! Grow beautiful cutting flowers in the yard, in a pot, or in the garden!

KA-POW! While not as explosive as actual bombs, seed bombs are as close as the plant world gets! Not only do seed bombs grow very speedily, but they also require almost no attention. This makes them perfect for, say, the friend of yours who isn't exactly a green thumb. The "bomb" is really clay that encases and locks in moisture for the seeds, shielding them from the dangers of the world like wind and hungry critters. Because of this armor-like resistance, seed bombs can sprout up virtually anywhere. They've even been known to grow in rocky areas or desolate concrete wastelands. Each set comes with six seed bombs and each seed bomb covers about a square foot of land with lush vegetation. No more lamenting over an ugly yard, plant warrior! Harness the awesome creative power of seed bombs - Bam, chlorophyll!