Boo Blind Box Series 5: Space Boo


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Boo, The World’s Cutest Dog, is the wildly popular Pomeranian internet sensation, with over 17 million fans on social media, who’s been turning heads and wagging tails for years with his signature short haircut, big spirit, and bubbly outlook on life. Time to have some out-of-this-world fun with Boo in the Boo Blind Box Series 5: Space Boo! Each blind box includes a sealed Mylar bag containing a randomized 3-inch Boo plush dressed up for a space expedition in one of eight outfits: 3 different alien outfits, in rocket, star, space helment, planet, and a mystery style. Surface-washable for easy cleaning; appropriate for ages 8 and up. Please note: Returns accepted only for unopened items with box and sealed Mylar bag intact.