Calico Critters Baby Castle Playground

Calico Critters

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Baby Castle Playground comes as a set with one Hopscotch Rabbit Baby figure. This playset is immediately ready for play as a stand-alone product. It includes a slide, ladder, sandbox, and other fun baby playthings.

The castle parts can also be placed on top of Baby Castle Nursery for an even more elaborate school setup (sold separately).

Includes Tower, Castle, Playground, Flag, Spinning Plate, Ladder, Floor, Hopscotch Rabbit Baby (a total of 8 pieces)

Includes one figure: Hopscotch Rabbit Baby
惻Includes play equipment such as a slide and ladder
惻The castle can be stacked on top of Baby Castle Nursery to play with as a set (sold separately)
惻Stimulates imaginative role-playing by children
惻Suitable for ages three years and above