Douglas Baby Plumpie Joey Gray Elephant 11"


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Wrinkles and rolls of luxuriously soft fabrics make our 11" Sweet Little Gray Elephant Plumpie positively irresistible! We’ve paired cuddly gray plush fur with pastel toned polka dots and stripes to create a sophisticated soft friend for Baby. This little elephant features decorative ribbon accents atop his head to engage Baby’s senses. Soft embroidered eyes ensure this soft toy is safe for infants. The understuffed body of this playful pachyderm gives him the endearing slouch our ultra huggable Plumpie stuffed animals are known for. So come and give him a squeeze; we’re sure you’ll love him and Baby will too! Like all of Douglas’s Cuddle Baby products, our Sweet Little Gray Elephant collection features an assortment of other accessories featuring this character so he can be enjoyed on his own or matched with coordinating Elephant toys!