Douglas Lil' Baby Tarsier Baby 6"


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Living in the jungles and hunting bugs is what Tarsiers do best, but with our plush Lil’ Handful rendition of this endangered species, you can now bring one home as a pet! This exotic little creature is known for its nocturnal lifestyle, which is aided by its very large eyes. Downy soft, golden colored plush fur and a gently weighted body makes our tiny primate a cuddly bundle of fun. Big ears and detailed hands and feet complete his appearance. Show some love for this lesser known prosimian species by bringing home our adorable Lil’ Handful Tarsier stuffed animal! Be sure to stop by and visit our other Lil’ Handful animals, the Douglas menagerie covers everything from wild species to domestic pets!
  • 6" Long without tail
  • 24 months & up
  • Machine washable