Douglas Soft Suzie Sloth 13"


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Suzie the plush Sloth Softie likes taking it easy. She doesn’t like to go anywhere in a hurry and she’s all about finding comfortable places where she can lazily snack or snooze away the day! Her huggably soft body is crafted in rich, chestnut brown plush materials and stuffed with only the silkiest polyester fill. Suzie’s face features a black, sculpted nose and two sweet, brown eyes that are enhanced by realistic facial markings. Curved, felt claws add detail to her hands and feet, while bean pellets lend them a weighted feel that will invite you to take her into your arms for a cuddle. Make this laid-back stuffed animal your own and Suzie will always be there when it’s time to relax!

  • 13" Long
  • 24 months & up
  • Machine washable