Douglas Uni the Unicorn with Yarn Hair 10"


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Learn the power of believing in your dreams when you explore and play with Uni the Unicorn! Your favorite story book character has been brought to life as a cuddly stuffed animal! Uni features a magnificent mane of colorful yarn hair, bright golden hooves, and sparkling purple eyes. Pastel dapples of blue and purple speckle her huggable, plush body. And, of course, she comes with a special swirly horn on her head that has the magical power of healing! Tufts of white fur accent her ankles and pretty ribbons have been added to her mane for a dash of fantasy fun. Uni is waiting to be your friend! Bring home this magical addition to any bedroom or playroom today!

  • 24 Months & Up
  • 10" long
  • Surface Wash