The Young Scientist Club Space Backpack

Horizon Group

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  • EXPLORE SPACE WITH THE YOUNG SCIENTISTS CLUB: Go on an intergalactic adventure and unpack a variety of solar experiments while you learn about the stars and planets that fill our galaxy!
  • 13+ HANDS-ON ACTIVITIES: From DIY constellations to a clay solar system and even an exciting space memory game, this hands-on science kit features dozens of activities — plus 6 bonus explorations — all in one reusable backpack!
  • REUSABLE BACKPACK: Open up the sturdy backpack with adjustable straps to find an interactive activity guide and everything you need to walk in the footsteps of an astronomer over and over again!
  • BECOME AN ASTRONOMER: Use a Space Navigator to identify constellations, create the phases of the moon, make a night-vision flashlight, learn about the life cycle of a star and the planets of our solar system by matching stickers to descriptions!
  • FUN MEMORY CARD GAME: Challenge your friends and family to an exciting space memory card game!