Toysmith Ziparang


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An easy to use, easy to catch boomerang for indoors and out!

Give this soft, foam, four-pronged boomerang a quick toss and watch as it flies up to 10 feet, whips around, and flies right back.

No need to worry about a bad throw - The soft foam makes sure it never hurts your hands, or the furniture around you!

Soar into classic fun made simpler and safer with the Ziparang.


  • 4-pronged foam boomerang for indoor and outdoor use
  • Encourages gross motor skills, coordination, active play, exercise
  • Classic fun made simple and safe
  • Flies up to 10 feet and then flies right back
  • Soft foam is furniture friendly, easy to catch
  • Quality materials for delightful toss-and-catch experience

Ages 5+


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