Wild Environmental Science™ Coral Reef

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  • CREATE AN UNDERWATER WORLD -- Use chemical reactions to create colorful underwater scenes. Mix solutions, build an artificial coral reef and grow instant chemical coral with this coral reef kit.
  • MAKE A SHIPWRECK AND MARINE ECOSYSTEM - Create plaster shipwreck artifacts, then design a chemical ecosystem while you learn about coral reefs, marine animals, global warming and more in this marine biology science kit!
  • INCLUDES 2 DISPLAY TANKS -- Practice building your large reef with the small square case. Next, customize the large tank with the included sticker and create a reef to be proud of.
  • CHEMISTRY FOR AGES 8+ -- Watch osmotic growth in action! Combine Sodium Silicate and Magnesium Sulfate to create a chemical garden, metal salt seagrass, shipwreck artifacts and coral rocks.
  • CUSTOMIZE YOUR REEF -- Give children an intro to chemistry and foster creativity as they customize underwater worlds. As kids craft, they will add color and choose where to place coral creations.
  • KID-FRIENDLY, FULL-COLOR INSTRUCTION GUIDE -- Science should be fun and easy to understand. That’s why each step in the activities comes with an illustration to show exactly what needs to be done!
  • HIGH QUALITY INGREDIENTS -- This science kit includes ingredients and safety equipment needed for each experiment. They’re packaged in resealable containers to conduct experiments again and again.
  • A TRUSTWORTHY BRAND WITH FULLY COMPLIANT SCIENCE KITS -- Wild Environmental Science products are tested to the highest consumer standards. Our science kits are recognized for their high quality, educational value and for developing creativity and confidence in kids!