BigMouth Inc® - Sprinkler Pad Puffer Fish

Big Mouth Inc

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  • Giant 8' diameter inflatable backyard Splash Pad
  • Big enough for adults and kids for a huge party
  • 8" high circle pontoon to keep the water on the Splash Pad

Break out the v for the little ones and you'll be a hero for a day. It's low to the ground so even the smallest friends can join the fun. Just attach it to your regular old garden hose and get the party started. Littles can stand in the middle of the blowfish as water sprays in a ring around them, showering them and keeping them cool. The fish's inflatable perimeter doubles as a shallow splash pool once the water fills in for extra fun. Eight feet wide, this cutie-pie fish sits on the grass to grab the interest of young kids. It's an absolute essential for backyard parties, BBQs, and any outdoor event that needs an extra dose of cuteness.