Bruder® RAM 2500 Power Pick-Up with Roadster Racing Team


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Old and young are both fascinated by motorsports. No surprise there with these levels of excitement, thrill, and fast sports cars. With the RAM Power Wagon including a tuned Bruder Racing Team sports car, there is a new, exciting vehicle and trailer for the Bworld leisure-themed world! The RAM Power Wagon is full of power with an output of up to 410 HP and all-wheel drive to take the racing car to the race track with ease. All four doors of this pick-up truck open and the tried and tested steering wheel extension means the vehicle can be easily maneuvered. The transport trailer features a tilting platform, wheel chocks, and a cable winch to safely transport and load the vehicle. The roadster features a removable roof through which the enclosed racing driver can be put behind the wheel. The sports car has been equipped with the new Bruder tire changing system. We have enclosed a large decal sheet featuring many options for young racing drivers to individually design their racer.