Hot Wheels® Monster Trucks Color Reveal™

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This Hot Wheels® Monster Trucks Color Reveal™ battle pack features two different Monster Trucks -- Mega Wrex™ and Race Ace™ -- in special Color Reveal™ coating! Inside each barrel drum is one 1:64 scale Hot Wheels® Color Reveal™ Monster Truck and a clip-on water sprayer tank. For the initial reveal, fill the barrel with water, dunk the truck and swirl it around until the water changes color. Pull it out to reveal the Monster Truck and its deco! Want to change its appearance again? Fill the drum with ice cold water and dunk it in to magically change the truck's colors. Instantly change it back by dunking it in warm water. Kids can add Monster Truck-level excitement to the color shifting with head-to-head water battle – fill the clip-on water tank with ice cold or warm water and aim to alter the other truck's appearance with each squirt. Repeat the transformations endlessly by alternating between ice cold and warm water. Colors and decorations may vary.

  • ​Embrace the dynamic excitement of the Hot Wheels® Monster Trucks Color Reveal™ 2-pack that includes Mega Wrex™ and Race Ace™!
  • ​Includes 2 barrel drums, each holding 1 Hot Wheels® Color Shifters™ Monster Trucks in special Color Reveal™ coating and a clip-on water sprayer tank.
  • ​For the initial reveal, fill the drum with water and dunk the truck in it, swirling it around. As the water changes color, a new deco is revealed!
  • ​Dunk each truck in ice cold water and reveal a totally different color scheme. Change it back by simply dunking the truck in warm water. Endlessly alternate between the 2 looks with different water temperatures!
  • ​Color-shift Monster Truck-style by filling the clip-on water tanks with ice cold water, then spraying the other truck for head-to-head water battle! Watch the other truck instantly change color where the water hits!
  • ​To reverse the color change, fill the tanks with warm water and re-engage in battle. Use the color-shifting feature to spice up the action and bring surprises to the traditional crashing and smashing fun.
  • ​Hot Wheels® Monster Trucks Color Reveal™ trucks make a great gift for kids ages 3 years old and up who love the thrill and excitement of creative push-around play!

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