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Chimpanzees live in a narrow strip of rainforest and grassland south of the Sahara Desert in western Africa. The omnivores are known for their intelligence, being one of the few animals that employ tools, using sticks to dig for bugs.


  • History: Chimpanzees are the most common of the great apes, a group that also includes gorillas and orangutans. However, even Chimps are endangered, a reflection of their diminishing habitat and threats from hunting and disease. Their slow rate of growth, unfortunately, contributes to their classification as endangered, for chimps cannot quickly replace population losses.
  • Scientific Name: Pan troglodytes
  • Characteristics: These figures show off the knuckle walking that chimps are famous for. They’ll make you famous if you use them for cake toppers or decorations at an Africa or jungle-themed party.
  • Size: These Chimpanzee mini figures are about the size of a nickel, about an inch in length.
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