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There are over 200 breeds of domestic goats, and they’ve been invaluable to farmers and herders since prehistory. They range nearly worldwide, surviving in all but the coldest climates, and their amazing digestive systems let them get by with eating almost anything.


  • History: Goat domestication occurred in the fertile crescent of Mesopotamia many thousands of years ago, and researchers are nearly certain that goats were the first wild animal to be domesticated, with many others to follow. It makes sense, for goats are notoriously useful. They provide milk, of course, but they are also used for fur and meat, and even their horns have utility. Wild goats still exist, of course, and they survive in forbidding places worldwide.
  • Scientific Name: Capra aegagrus hircus
  • Characteristics: These cute little goats are ready to join your farm. They’ll fit in a school farm project or they make fun giveaways!
  • Size: These tiny white goats are about the size of a penny, a little less than an inch long.
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