Thin Air Brands Friction Construction Trucks Assorted

Thin Air Brands

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    • Truckloads of Fun for Kids: These friction-powered tiny trucks will have your little ones giggling with glee. Simply push – and the trucks go the distance, rocking & swaying as they roll.
    • These Trucks Even Do Stunts: No batteries required. Just push to set the wheels in motion, then place the toddler truck upside down & watch it spin 360º. Works on all terrains, indoors & out.
    • Constructed for the Long Haul: Forget those flimsier mini trucks that easily crack and break. Our Crazy Truck toys are solidly built with premium ABS plastic for toddler-proof durability.
    • Education Just Got Entertaining: As kids happily play with these push-&-go truck toys, they learn hand-eye coordination, gain a sense of direction, and hone their gross & fine motor skills.
    • The Gift They’ll Actually Use: Each truck comes in a giftable box, brightly colored to wow boys & girls ages 3 & up. You get any of the following: Dump Truck, Mixer Truck, Backhoe Truck, or Tow Truck.

    Delight Little Kids – Ages 3 & Up – With These Better-Made Friction Toy Tractor Trucks, Designed to Roll Forward, Rock Up & Down, Spin & Even Do Stunts.

    Let’s face it. Toddlers and preschoolers love anything that moves.

    So, you can be sure they’ll be thrilled with these Thin Air Toys Crazy Trucks.

    Contains randomly selected 4" x 3.5" x 3.5" Trucks for Kids from the following styles:

    — > Dump Truck
    — > Mixer Truck
    — > Crane Truck
    — > Back Hoe Truck

    They’re so much fun you’ll want to collect them all.

    Just Push and Go – No Batteries Needed

    The secret’s the internal friction-powered gear mechanism. Simply push the truck...and there it goes, traveling much farther than you’d ever think possible. It even rolls over rough surfaces, from carpeting to grass & gravel.

    Plus, it will pull some amazing stunts such as:

    — > Rocking up & down & back & forth
    — > Spinning & rotating 360º – even when it’s upside down

    Your tots will be tickled pink. Plus, as they play, they’ll gain gross & fine motor skills & learn hand-eye coordination.

    Built Stronger & Safer

    All Thin Air Pull Back Cars come in ABS molded plastic, known for its crack-resistant strength. All are loaded with durable details such as shock-proof springs & high-traction tires. Plus, all meet or exceed the strict safety standards set by the US & Canadian governments.