Douglas Archie Humpback Whale 14"


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Meet Archie, our handsomely patterned Whale plush! Fashioned to represent the world’s largest shark species, this beautiful soft toy would be ideal for an educational setting or simply as a friend to cuddle. Made with soft, high quality materials, Archie the stuffed shark features markings that mimic those of real Whales. Bring our mighty Whale stuffed animal home today and make this cuddly denizen of the deep your very own!

  • Ages: 24 Months & Up
  • Washing Instructions: Machine
  • Size: 14 inches long

Douglas Toys makes beautiful, soft, cuddly items with distinctive expressions and gestures that speak quality and value unlike any other plush. Douglas Toys is known for its breed-specific stuffed animals that go beyond the average teddy bear.