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Our daughter is 2 years old and as the saying goes, kids say the darndest things. We'd like to share them with you through a simple and funny new series here on the blog that we're calling "Saoirse Says..." 

We'd love for you to comment on the blog, post on our Facebook page or send us an email with the funny things YOUR kids say too. Your story could end up in a future blog post here at The Animal Kingdom and if it does, we've been known to show our thanks with goodies from the store! *wink wink* *nudge nudge* Who doesn't love free stuff?! So, please share with us! It's mutually beneficial. 

Without further ado, here's the very first posting of "Saoirse Says..."


Conversation #1

Mommy: What number is this? (pointing to the number 2)

Saoirse: That's a K! 


Conversation #2

Mommy: How old are you? 

Saoirse: Two and quarters! 


Conversation #3

Mommy: Eat your waffle.

Saoirse: What's Booker doing? (Booker is our dog.)

Mommy: He's looking at you. 

Saoirse: Booker says "where's my waffle?"


Conversation #4

Mommy: Tell Nonna what you saw when we went to the farm.

Saoirse: Saw sheep... saw goats... saw cow pooping! (We totally did.)

Mommy: Yes. What else? 

Saoirse: Pigs with pokey dots! (She's right, they were spotted.)

Mommy: Uh-huh...

Saoirse: Turkeys drinking water... Booker drinks water! (She really likes our dog.)


Conversation #5

Mommy: Did you have a good day with Daddy? 

Saoirse: Mountain broken. Mommy need to fix the mountain. 

Mommy: Really? *looks to Daddy for translation*

Daddy: The fountain wasn't on today at Target. (Mountain = Fountain. Got it.)


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