Theme This: A Baby Shower

Posted by Lindsay Williamson on

This past weekend, I helped host a dear friend's baby shower. It's not often that I actually get the opportunity to be crafty, but I do love a good party… party planning process, that is. I'm a planning fanatic! Give me a theme and I run with it… miles and miles and miles. Just ask my fellow blogger, Katy. She's getting ready to celebrate her daughter's first birthday (another fun post to come!) and she made the mistake of sharing her party theme with me. I'm sure she's tired of getting picture messages (every day) on her phone of various themed items and shopping links on her Facebook wall. But I can't help it, I just think in "theme." Which now that I think about it... it is a really good quality to have if you're a retail store owner. *wink wink* 

Anyway, the baby shower was co-ed, super casual and (Penn State) football themed. We held it at a local sports bar in order to watch the Penn State vs Ohio State night game as part of the party. The venue's backdrop made for easy decorating, although we brought in plenty of our own fun additions. The restaurant catered for us -- your typical tailgate food such as wings, chicken tenders, pulled pork sliders, chips and dip, etc. And most importantly, our custom desserts rocked! A delicious three-tiered cake and hand-iced, themed cookies. Yum! 

Here are a few photos from the Tailgate Baby Shower. You can click on any photo to enlarge it! 

Invitations and Diaper Raffles cards from Etsy shop, Celebrative Design.


 Banner for Baby Finley!



A few of the Diaper Cakes. The table candy jars were filled with blue foil-wrapped chocolates with blue & white pom-poms hanging down the side and football cutouts on the front. 








"Game Day" Guesses and the Diaper Raffle. Directions were displayed on coach's clipboards.








Above: Cake by Delectable Delights by Heather.

Below: Cookie favors by Flour Box Bakery

Above: The happy parents-to-be, Erin and Justin. 

Below: Paternal grandparents on the left, maternal grandparents on the right.

We Are... Penn State!

Finley Mark, the team's newest fan is expected to make his appearance around December 29, 2013.

We can't wait to meet you!

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