Kisses, Crayons, and Crooked Hair

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Are you sending your darlings off to school for the first time? Or are you a seasoned veteran with 8 kids who have successfully vaulted from preschool to kindergarten to junior high with ease? The end of summer never comes easy, the refrain of "Just one more beach day!" or "I have to wake up when?!" playing over and over. When I sent my oldest off to kindergarten, we spent August in search of the perfect Star Wars backpack, the fastest playground pounding shoes, a mile-long list of school supplies, and the best prices on bulk Kleenex.

With trembling hands, I filled out the registration paperwork and promised myself I would not cry. I. Would. Not. Cry. I managed to hold it together long enough to make it home, where I locked myself in the bathroom and bought more stock in Scott Tissue. I thought about my own foray into the adventures of Kindergarten:​

The look of horror on Mrs. Fuentes’ face when she caught me tasting the sweet minty deliciousness of non-toxic paste; the shocking realization that my parents weren't omniscient; the crooked bangs in my kindergarten picture to hide 8 stitches across my forehead; the shouts from Mrs. Stahl when she caught Timmy and I under the table sharing the innocent smooch of first love; the stink-eye from my mom when she read my first report card, "Sara is a very smart girl, but she talks too much in class.” ​

Robert Fulghum was right, All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten. The list of knowledge is different for each person, but the sentiment is true. Kindergarten teaches you about life, people, and where you fit. And it makes me wistfully sad and unbelievably proud that my baby is on the road to learning his own set of life's lessons. I just hope he stays off the glue.​

Sara Spock Carlson is a mom of two amazing boys, wife, Penn State graduate, researcher, Realtor, and freelance writer. When she’s not chasing down the perfect pack of wide-tipped, washable, primary color, hand-dipped in gold markers, she can be found at the park with her boys or shopping for adorable deals at The Animal Kingdom. 

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