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Kisses, Crayons, and Crooked Hair

Posted by Sara Carlson on

Are you sending your darlings off to school for the first time? Or are you a seasoned veteran with 8 kids who have successfully vaulted from preschool to kindergarten to junior high with ease? The end of summer never comes easy,ย the refrain of "Just one more beach day!" or "I have to wakeย up when?!" playing over and over...

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Posted by Lindsay Williamson on

Hi there, and welcome!ย 

We are excited for the official launch of The Animal Kingdom's blog.ย 

We think having kids is pretty cool and hope to share that sentiment with you through quality real-life discussions about parenting, food, travel, creativity, learning, product reviews and more.ย We consider this to be a family lifestyle blog.

That said, there seems to be a new standard of "success" in raising a family these days, one that requires us to be supermoms and superdads...

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